Margaret Fonshell Ward and Downs Ward Bender Herzog & Kintigh have been selected to be the Maryland counsel as part of a consortium of attorneys that will be acting as Assistant Counsel to the Attorney General representing the State of Maryland for all claims arising from the recent collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland.

In the early morning of March 26, 2024, the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland collapsed after it was struck by a cargo ship leaving the Port of Baltimore. As result this catastrophe, six individuals lost their lives. Additionally, traffic patterns have been altered indefinitely, operations at the Port were temporarily halted and remain considerably limited. Small businesses that rely on the port’s activities face much uncertainty and the national economic engine of which the Port is a core will have a long recovery.

As Ms. Ward notes, “the impact of this tragedy affects all of Maryland and extends well beyond the state. I look forward to being a part of the effort that will bring the State of Maryland and the affected communities back to full operation.” We are honored that Peggy and the firm have been selected to be a part of this important team that will represent the interests of our State.

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